Government Loses $21 Trillion….Yes….$21 Trillion

Government Loses $21 Trillion….Yes….$21 Trillion
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milesfranklin.com / by  | Dec 15, 2017

Just when you reach the point where you think there's nothing left out of government that can still surprise you, news breaks that they've lost $21 trillion.

Yes. You heard that correctly. $21 trillion.

Not $21 million, or $21 billion. But $21 trillion.

Michigan State PhD economist Dr. Mark Skidmore and economist Catherine Austin Fitts have both gone through the numbers and come up with $21 trillion of undocumented adjustments between the Department of Defense and the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

If you have not yet heard Skidmore's interview with Greg Hunter of USA Watchdog, it's truly stunning and worth your time. Because when you hear a number like $21 trillion it's easy to dismiss it out of hand while thinking it's simply not possible.

However listening to even a few minutes of the interview quickly reveals that Dr. Skidmore meticulously crunched the numbers and came back with stunning results. In fact it's worth noting that when he first heard of a missing $21 trillion from Fitts, he actually didn't believe it could be true and was aiming to disprove the report.


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